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I love to travel and I love making friends overseas but what I hate is missing them when I come home. Well excitting news one of my best friends is moving back to perth! I can not wait to have her around again. First I was living in Montreal and then just before I got back she moved to London where she has been for the past two years. So excited to have here at my beck and call in less than 3 days šŸ™‚

let the count down begin!

Here are some pictures of when I visited lauren in London last Christmas of us at the German style Christmas Village having mulled wine and plenty of fun.


and what I will miss most is roadtrips.

My favourite part of living in perth is the weekends we leave. Not that freo isnt a great place to be on the weekends. it is! there is the beach, live music and cider to be had but the best weekends are when you get to spend quality time with friends and often a car ride for a few hours means you get to really know what is going on in that persons life which is always good in my books.


here are some images of road trips to Lancelin (3 hours north) that will show you why it’ll be missed for the cold (by perth standards) winter months.


Sonia on top of the beast (RIP) some good times had in that car




Tom in the Lancelin sand dunes (Photo by rob kimmel)

All other photos by Me and Sonia Grewal


All these things made me smile this week,Ā 

1. My housemate and fellow Langham Lady Felicity’s gorgeous new boxer puppy ‘Houtson’. It’s my favourite kind of dog and he is so adorable and wrinkly. We ate lemon meringue pie whilst he played with our feet under the table and stole our attention and every opportunity. It may have been the perfect afternoon. oh and I may be a tiny bit obsessed with the ball of wrinkles ā¤

2. I’ve always wanted a coloured chandelier but my taste has definitely progressed from the gaudy one I first set my eye on. I love how this one has more muted colours and an aged ascetic that would and the perfect touch of bohemian to the Langham St living room. It’s just such a fun piece.

3. this is only a small portion of a huge wall of coloured glass. the colour blending is just gorgeous don’t you agree!



Photographs by me and fromĀ

I love my Mum

I know everyone does but mine is especially cool.

Everybody likes her and how great is it getting to grow up with a woman who is intelligent, creative, stylish, generous and hillarious. She has a certian something that makes you want to drink wine with her and talk and laugh for hours.

So thats what we did for mothers day I went over to her place and we cooked and chatted and relaxed. A perfect evening


together we made a delicious 3 bean and herb salad, cous cous tabouli and falafels


and to top it off my mum made this delicious drink which had a surprise ingrediantā€¦..balsamic vingegar. Yup thats balsamic vinegar in my glass folks.


Balsamic Lime mocktail:

juice of half a lime (I like min real citrusy)

small splash of balsamic vinegar

1 tsp of sugar

add all above ingredients to glass and then fill with sparkling soda water

and enjoy yum.

Happy Mothers Day