I love my Mum

I know everyone does but mine is especially cool.

Everybody likes her and how great is it getting to grow up with a woman who is intelligent, creative, stylish, generous and hillarious. She has a certian something that makes you want to drink wine with her and talk and laugh for hours.

So thats what we did for mothers day I went over to her place and we cooked and chatted and relaxed. A perfect evening


together we made a delicious 3 bean and herb salad, cous cous tabouli and falafels


and to top it off my mum made this delicious drink which had a surprise ingrediant…..balsamic vingegar. Yup thats balsamic vinegar in my glass folks.


Balsamic Lime mocktail:

juice of half a lime (I like min real citrusy)

small splash of balsamic vinegar

1 tsp of sugar

add all above ingredients to glass and then fill with sparkling soda water

and enjoy yum.

Happy Mothers Day