I have been trying to make an effort to cook my meat eating boyfriend some dinners that were less lentil and cous cous based more man food. He was going through a rough patch and food is how I try to spoil people so we are chickpea free for a short window of time.

However slow cooking lamb for 3 hours makes him happy but doesn’t do much for his vegitarian girlfriend!ImageThis is where the glorious Joy the Baker came in. first of all she is hilarious and I blame her hilarity for all the time I spend not studying and browsing her blog. She also makes these mean hearty veg meals that could be mistaken for manly meat dishes. So I took a leaf out of her book and made this http://joythebaker.com/2011/11/caramelized-mushrooms-and-dumplings/.

wow just wow!

It was great it had biscuits (savoury scones type of deal) which I am a big fan of since having had them at North American thanksgiving dinners. Now these delicious chive biscuits got put on a stew and made the yummiest meal. Tom and I went back for unecessary seconds until our stomachs were unbareably full.

Now we started with the biscuits. I knew that if I started this meal when I got home form yoga at 6 we wouldn’t be eating until 9. So this was started early in the morning and sat waiting in the fridge till I got home.Image


Once I was home I got to work on the stew with sweet potatoes, carrots, caramelised red onions, rosemary and gravy and it started to look like this…(see above link for Joy’s recipe)


In the oven it went. Mine took longer than joy said, about 35 minutes but it was well worth the wait