ok this is way late.

This post is about last Saturdays activities slack I know its now Friday!

But I have had crazy week deadlines looking after nieces (props to full time mum and dads I’m whipped from trying work and look after two little girls for just 4 days, utmost respect for you!)

so am I now excused for my slackness?

Good I’ll continue,

Last saturday there was equal marriage rights rally across Australia, to mark 8 years since the Howard government revoked same sex marriage rights.


ImageNow this is something I’m quite passionate about. Our society does still value the institute of marriage so denying anyone access to marriage immediately says we classify them as second rate. I have LGBT friends and I can tell you they are anything but second rate. They are wonderful people with warm loving relationships and I want them to be able to celebrate their love, if they choose, the same way the rest of their friends can. It is SO dangerous to tell anyone but especially teenage LGBT people that their love is second rate. How DARE the government. It is time for change and it’s time for straight people to stand up and demand this change as well, If you have a conscious and don’t think it’s right than Holla, make your voice heard guys.


ImageThe march on Saturday had 800+ ppl march the streets of Perth CBD and for marriage equality. Come on Australia hear our pleas.