On Saturday 150 refugee activists got on a bus and headed to the new Northam Prison Detention Centre to protest against Australia’s inhumane policy of mandatory detention and the government decision to re-instate the pacific solution passing off it’s international obligations.

This was a special day because it was the first time that my boyfriend joined me at a protest. It’s lovely to share a passion with someone you love. I would urge everyone who knows someone involved in the campaign to  come along to a protest and see what it is about. If you have a feeling that this just isn’t right or if you are disgusted with the current policy join up with RRAN to make you voice heard

Here are some snaps.

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Balloons and kites were flown high in the sky to communicate a message of hope to those locked inside who were in the rec area. You know you do what you can to show support for innocent people locked away without trial or a chance. Crazy huh!