I am a ball of stress at the moment. It’s sad but true. I think thats why my birthday was especially nice. I took the day off from thesis work and everyone pulled together to make it special, I got spoilt rotten and spent the day with people I love. I was ridiculously happy, calm and serene (not an easy feat when your thesis is due in less than a month).

I got a head start on my birthday by celebrating with Tom the night before. I arrived at his houses and got this gorgeous bouquet of flowers (I am totally happy if this becomes a birthday tradition) and then I got to open my presents!!! he gave me a gorgeous delicate link bracelet with purple stones (which he deemed a special occasian bracelet; not pictured). Then I ALSO got a hair clip that is engraved bone it is just gorgeous! and…a tigers eye bracelet (thats the one he said was for everyday use ha: pictured). Like I said utterly spoilt. It was unexpected and thoughtful. Then we went for a seafood dinner at a new place called ‘The Lobster’ (hideous name! but good food) on Sth terrace, Fremantle. Such a good evening and I still had my birthday to come tomorrow.


I then woke up on my birthday and started it off with a refreshing swim at South Fremantle beach and then onto family breakfast at the ‘Crowded House’, Douro rd, South Fremantle. It was great, kid friendly, good food and fun service, I’d been wanting to try it for a while and would definitely recommend it.ImageImage


Then there was still more, I had a lunch with some of my girlfriends in my back yard at Langham. Everyone helped out so much to put it together, brought food, set up the tables, I hardly had to lift a finger, it was definitely the most relaxing birthday I have every had. We sat in the afternoon sun and ate and drank ourselves silly for hours. I am so thankful to the people that made me feel so loved and adored on Saturday  🙂

(a little peak at some of the desserts and punch)ImageImage

(Caitlin and Jess (official Langham ladies) and longtime friends Sophie and Sonia the coolest twins out, an hour before guest were invited and we had everything done so just got a head start and chilled in the sun, hows that for cruisey!)


(photos by me and Liesbeth Goedhart)