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I handed in my thesis a week ago and in celebration I have tried to spend the last week liberated from my computer. In the last month it had gotten a bit ridiculous how much of my day was spent sitting in front of the computer. So I retaliated in the best way possible and went camping for 4 days over the weekend. It was great. All we did was read, go for walks, lie on the beach and sleep and then sleep some more. It was much needed rejuvenation and my darling boyfriend was the perfect camping partner, understanding exactly the relaxation I needed.

Here are some photos for you to look at and get jealous of our short but sweet escape. Unfortunately now its back to the real world and man is it back with a vengeance!

(Conto’s Beach)

(Jenga and Lunch at Olio Bello)


(Volcanic water…not so good)

(Cape to cape trail, Grace Town)

(Glam camping, popping the champers to celebrate end of thesis at our little camp)


I love that traveling gives you the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I have met some very special people when overseas that I will always hold close to my heart, for which I am so thankful for. However, the only crappy thing about meeting these great people who are ridiculously interesting, caring, sweet or make you laugh until you are doubled up on the floor, is that it makes you notice their absence when you no longer get to see them all the time. Here’s a little collage I made of a few people who I’ve met that are truly special and unique individuals, that added a little more joy into my life and who will always hold a special spot in my heart ❤

Oh and did I mention I miss them heaps!!!!!!

Otomi is a gorgeous print that is full of life and comes from the Otomi indigenous people of Mexico.

I am partial to the bold multi coloured pattern (no surprises there), but it also comes in monochromatic prints. I would love it on a bed spread or lamp, like the one pictured below. It is so fun and would translate really well in a kids room, as well as big kid rooms 😉

There is really no reason not to have an Otomi print in my home and I have been patrolling Etsy looking for the perfect piece will report back when I find it.









2. apartment therapy


4. head board from  amber interior designs

5. Paulina pendant

6. Etsy store Casa Otomi


So it is a gorgeous spring day 32’c, a public holiday and most of my friends are either at wave rock music festival or down south. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was jealous but I have this little thing called a thesis due in 2 weeks from today(!) so I have to stay chained to my computer. But I tell you what, I am hardcore day-dreaming about when it’s my time to get away. This summer is shaping up to be an epic one, moving back to freo with my good friend lauren, lots of road trips away and gigs 🙂

Here is my inspiration board keeping me motivated to survive the next 2 weeks.

Note: you should have red hot chilli peppers playing as a soundtrack in your head when reading this post 😉


1. Cider in the sunshine

2. Fires on the beach

3. Sonia… always a class act

4. Music festivals

5. RIP the beast a car that forced you to road trip to justify having it, you will be missed this summer but   fuel will be a hell of a lot cheaper.

6. Camping, Drinks and Friends in Lancelin, WA (Sam, Sonia, Tom)

7. Camping with tom ❤

8. Easy summer dressed from for love of lemons, as carefree as my attitude will be 🙂