I handed in my thesis a week ago and in celebration I have tried to spend the last week liberated from my computer. In the last month it had gotten a bit ridiculous how much of my day was spent sitting in front of the computer. So I retaliated in the best way possible and went camping for 4 days over the weekend. It was great. All we did was read, go for walks, lie on the beach and sleep and then sleep some more. It was much needed rejuvenation and my darling boyfriend was the perfect camping partner, understanding exactly the relaxation I needed.

Here are some photos for you to look at and get jealous of our short but sweet escape. Unfortunately now its back to the real world and man is it back with a vengeance!

(Conto’s Beach)

(Jenga and Lunch at Olio Bello)


(Volcanic water…not so good)

(Cape to cape trail, Grace Town)

(Glam camping, popping the champers to celebrate end of thesis at our little camp)