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We had a thanks giving dinner last Friday night and I was beyond excited! Like probably a little too excited, but it was the first one we were doing ourselves. I have been lucky enough to be hosted at other peoples family dinners but this year we decided to do one ourselves for our American boyfriends. My gorgeous friend Anna made an amazing Turkey which looked fantastic and I made the sides and decorations. Doing the decoration was by far the most enjoyable bit of the thanksgiving prep and I’ll share on that later. During the night Anna and I nerd-ed our and took the photo’s of EVERYTHING but I’m so glad we have those memories to look back on now. I think the guys really appreciated the effort we made to make them a little less homesick and I know we all had a great night surrounded by fantastic friends. There was even a legit corn hole set which was made by our friends Adam and Anna and was well used through out the night. Like I said our friends are amazing and the night was perfect.

(Photos by Anna and I)



I love finding unexpected colour and patterns in a home. How much better is this than plain jane stairs. Each one these stairs are so funky and it would be totally possible to do it yourself. Imagine how much fun would the painting process be. It’s like a mini mural on each step. Mind you I would probably have fun on stairs 1-5 but the last few may take some patience. I especially love the Mediterranean tiles on outdoor stairs. You like?

Etsy is the best for pretty illustrations. I think it is a great platform for artists to get a global audience and I love the opportunity it gives people to buy original art that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…very important for the student. I love to give illustrations as presents, who doesn’t want to get some pretty art for their house instead of another bottle of wine or flowers (actually you can always give me both those things as a present and I wont be disappointed). But art is really the best present ever!

Here are some pretty ones to keep you amused.


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I realise not all of these are Etsy but they are all pretty! so get on Etsy and find some of your own.

My friends all know I don’t shy away from colour. It makes me feel happy and energised and I am always attracted colourful furniture/clothes/rooms…really any colourful design. So I thought I would share some colourful rooms that I love including the one and only, beloved Langham living room (sorry about the iphone crappy photos). So you can see the inspiration and the shabby chic/student budget/verge pick up version  🙂 entrance)

(Langham living room)