About 6 months ago I started to think about making a tent for my nieces but was to busy to start it at the time. I had seen a few on different blogs and on Etsy but definitely loved the idea of making one with my own hands. A present just has more love and soul when you make it yourself in my opinion. So now study is finished for the year all these little plans I had in the pipeline are being acted on and I’m really excited. I was also very happy to involve tom in the project and he was very quick and efficient in making the frame. A real god send when I think of how much longer it would have taken me to do it alone.

I used the instructions from this blog.

It involved a trip to Bunnings, 2 trips to spotlight and three sewing machines but really is quite a simple task. It was a bit of a learning curve for me and did invovle some stress but now its completed I am so happy with the tent and the skills I’ve learnt. I hadn’t sewen anything since highschool and now I have my very own spanking new machine and I am very excited about the new projects this allows 🙂


Making the frame was chiefly toms contribution but I did some mean sanding in this part and drilled the prettiest of all the holes.ImageImageImageImage

The final product in all its glory!ImageImageImage

Tom actually hid in the tent so when the girls unwrapped it on the front lawn he popped out, stroke of genius on his part.


Alls well that ends well and This tent project ended up with two little happy girls and a pretty chuffed uncle and aunty 🙂