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Every year I remember brainstorming with my Mum elaborate themed birthday parties. Kids parties can be so much fun. One year, about age Eight I think, was the Arty Farty Birthday Party! So when babysitting my nieces yesterday I imagined she would have her birthday, coming up next week, all planned. Granted she is only three, so I really shouldn’t have been so surprised that when I asked her what she was doing for her birthday all she said was “CAKE!!!!”. Ha, it made me realise that the best kids birthday parties at that young age can be very simple. So we settled on lots of Cake, Friends, Presents and Colour.


PS have an awesome present lined up for her can’t wait to give it 🙂

PPS this is all sourced from my favourite website Etsy here is the shops for each item

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Last Sunday we had a gorgeous baby shower. All sunflowers and happy, happy yellows. It was a perfect celebration for a little baby niece of Toms which is expected to join the family in 1 month. I am so excited to meet this little bundle and know her parents are beside themselves and can’t wait to meet her.

This being the first niece for Tom, we wanted to make something really special for the bub. I think I’ve made it quite clear that I am a huge supporter of homemade or individualised gifts so what follows probably isn’t much of a surprise. Jaime the mama to be has a special place in her heart for India and has a lot of indian fabrics in her room, so we settled on a baby mobile using indian hanging elephants.

The elephants started life as a wall hanging I bought off Ebay and then chopped up into single elephants. Purple jersey fabric was wrapped around a metal hoop and you dont want to know how many tiny glass beads we used. There was a lot of late nights of beading including a very cool Saturday night where Tom and I sat side by side beading (and yes I love him even more for doing craft with me late into the night). I tell you it was all worth it because the end result is a pretty mobile for what will be the cutest baby girl ( I know this already I swear!) and it was loved by the mum to be, making her very happy, so I would say that is a job well done. There is even talk of making this an heirloom of sorts and used for all babies in the family of this generation, so lucky I made sure we quadruple tied ever knot!


Christmas was perfect. It wasn’t a large extravagant event by any means. This years christmas was actually significantly smaller in numbers than usual and whilst many of the usual suspects were missed it was delightful in its simplicity. I did miss the nieces and nephews, christmas is definitely a bit less exciting without kids running around but it was a lovely day as it was and I am looking forward to a christmas next year with more little additions to buy cute presents for!

Normally I feel like I am running a race on christmas trying to spend quality time with the huge group of people that are near and dear to me but this year I stayed in Fremantle with a select few and we had a great time.

Image(Nan refuses to look good in photos. It is just to spite us, I am sure of that. I took four photos all like this geesh nan!)ImageImageImage

It was fun and relaxing but thats not to say there wasn’t a great deal of cooking invovled. and cooking with a hot oven on a 40 degree day is not a walk in the park. The food was delish and I wanted to share one of the simplest things I made. It literally takes no prep time at all but it was a huge hit at brunch.

Salmon and Dill Quiche

100g smoked salmon

5 eggs

30 ml full cream milk

3/4 red onion

roughly torn bunch of dill

pinch of black pepper and sumac

1 sheet of frozen store bought puff pastry

All it takes is pressing the puff pastry into a baking paper lined, 9inch tin and blind baking it in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Whilst that bakes crack all the eggs in a bowl, whisk and combine the milk and spices. Then add the thinly diced onion and torn salmon and dill combine and pour the mixture into the pastry and cook for 50 minutes it should be firm with a golden top.


Heads up this dish is great for a brunch.Image

p.s. how cool are my oven mitts they were a present from Micko. See safety can be fun!